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Amberjack Environmental Park

in Englewood Florida

This park is very close to my home, so I visit fairly often.  Here are a couple of different looks.  Once was just after a prescribed/controlled burn... the other about a year later.  Still a very beautiful place to vist 
and take a casual stroll.  Enjoy :)

The entryway
With lots of open parking

A map of the park is hanging in the kiosk

 On my first visit there...
I ran into a very friendly and curious Bobcat that met me at the entrance.
She allowed me to walk closer and closer as I spoke to her
in a calm voice.. "Hey there kitty kitty... how are you doing today...
mind if I take a few pictures???.   click click click...
I sort of  zigged and zagged at an angle as I waltzed a little  cloer and closer... making sure to never walk or look directly at her so she didn't know for sure that I saw her there. 
But I guess she thought this is close enough :) 


My first photo visit was just after the prescribed / controlled burn that burns off 
much of the groundcover to allow for new growth.

It was  a beautiful, foggy January morning in 2011

With the dew dripping from the trees and grasses



Hard to believe that this typ of burn would actually help the animals
It did make for an eirie sight

It was easy to spot all the gopher tourtise nests
They just went inside their dens until the fire passes

 But the burning actually inspires new plant growth immediately

 There are always a few things just won't make it




Wild pig footprint in the sand



Here is the same area again in January 2012 - Almost exactly one year after the burn... and it is all growing in quite nicely





















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