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The Charlotte Harbor
Nature Festival

The Nature of Florida

 Peace River Butterfly Society's raising Black Swallowtails.  They meet once a month September - June.  For more information call (941) 235-2099 or  (941) 625-5453
 This "J" hooked caterpillar is preparing to create a chrysalis around himself that will allow the metamorphosis to begin
 Butterflies can be raised by offering them the right kinds of plants 
in your yard or garden... and then breaking off the branches the caterpillars live on and kept in a cage until they change into butterflies

Florida Fish and Wildlife  -  Florida Marine Mammal Stranding Network had an interesting booth full of large marine mammal bones.   Here she is holding a large backbone vertebrae from a Humpback whale.
A Bottle nosed Dolphin skull.
A manatee skull
Interestingly... she was telling me about their teeth.  Since 
they are vegetarians... they only eat grass and such... 
and as their front teeth wear down and fall out... new teeth
in the back of their mouth grow in and push all the rest of 
the teeth forward.  Cool.  Wish my teeth could do that :)
To report a sick, injured or dead marine mammal such as a manatee or dolphin you can call their hotline at 1-888-404-3922

Kids thought that Freddy the Alligator 
"Protector of the Everglades" 
was really cool and liked to hug him
Others just watched him from a distance

 Warm Mineral Springs /Little Salt Spring Archaeological Society.
Some hand-crafted shells done by one of the members

Food and Entertainment

There was live music playing all day long.  This group 
had some very interesting nature stories to tell in their songs
Rosie Emery performs some really great, original, high-energy environmental children's songs. 

There was great food choices for everyone
Jumbo Hot-dogs and Giant Hamburgers were very popular

Out in the sun... the kids dug for artifacts in the sand... and
found some pretty cool stuff  like this large sharks tooth

Around the corner they were teaching kids about fishing
Everything from first time instruction
To kids learning to make a better cast
Each kid had to go through a 3 part lesson 
This part included how to unhook a fish without harming it
And for those that went through all 3 steps of the program...
They were rewarded with a FREE brand new fishing rod
compliments of Sea Grant

Entertainment changed every so often

Face Painting by Creative Face & Body Art added 
some wonderful color to the festival as they created animals 
on the faces ot these kids and adults.  Need some faces painted?
You can find by calling (941) 697-5245 or (941) 697-2514
 Do they get any cuter than this ?
 What a colorful trio
 A Florida Sunset
 The wild bunch :)
A beautiful butterfly

Nature & Environmental Organizations

Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program
 Coastal Wildlife Club  -  News Article
 Southwest Florida Water Management District
  Florida Department of Enviormental Protection 
 Charlotte County Environmental Extension Service
Natural Resources Division  -
 Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium  -
 Charlotte County Environmental Extension Service
 Florida Friendly Yards  -
 Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is in Lee County  you can find more information at   -
Peace River Audubon Society  -
Florida State Parks had lots of nature oriented gifts for sale
Lemon Bay Conservancy  -  Visit them on the web at
Sierra Club  -

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