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The Charlotte Harbor
Nature Festival 2007

Arts - Crafts and Other Stuff

 Kelly Reark  -
 Kathy Przepadlo  -  (941) 575-1778
 Susan Shore  -  Adventures in Sculpting  -
 Mary Cavanagh  -  (941) 624-6116
 This hand crafted gemstone jewelry and native gifts by
Native Gems & Rock Shop in N. Fort Myers. 
 See anything interesting?  Call:  (239) 543-1137
 Chinese papercutting by Jennifer  -  (941) 255-5161
 Kevins Nature Photos -
 Ruth  -  Companion Prints

Nature Walks & Wagon Rides

There were lots of nature walks and rides available all day long
 Like this wagon ride through Tippecanoe Regional Park
 The guided tour included lots of useful information about the park 
Pine Flatwoods are a common part of the Florida environment
Dead trees are left standing to make homes for woodpeckers, owls, bats and other creatures... and then allowed to fall and make even more  habitat for the animals on the ground
Controlled Burning keeps the flatwoods healthy.  Without fire to control the thick underbrush... most of the native species of plants and animals would die or move away.

The Entertainment continues Michael Haymans and Rosie Emery

SunTrust Bank was handing out free gifts 
and telling people about their bank.

pictures of Port Charlotte Florida events

Talks about nature were arranged all through the day

 Estuaries and Water Quality by Judith Ott.....
FDEP Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves phone 
(941) 575-5861 
 Lisa Rhodin with Myakka River State 
Park/TLC for Wildlife talks about Florida Reptiles. 
This little box turtle has a hinged shell and can close up completely to protect itself.  Box turtles are land turtles and just live in their shell. They don't need any kind of borrow or other protection.
While this Gopher Tortoise lives in a hole in the ground... and may have a family that lives with him.  Also a land turtle, you will often see them crossing the street.  Keep in mind that the only thing you can do to help them is take them to the side of the road they were aimed at.  Do not take them to another "safer" location... as they will not have borrow there... and their family will miss them.

The Animals

Animals leave footprints in the sand just like humans do. 
This booth had a large variety of rubber animal feet that kids 
could press into the sand and see what the tracks would look like.
There were also a variety of animal skulls to give people an idea
of what they would look like if you found one in the woods.

 The Nature of Florida is in the animals.  All the animals shown here are protected, and my not be owned by the public.  This little Screech Owl is a powerful hunter and loves rodents and roaches
Bringing kids and animals together was the most fun and 
interesting way to get them to understand the importance 
of keeping their Florida environment healthy.
The Barred owl is also a powerful hunter
Seeing a baby alligator up close and personal
A Red Tailed Hawk  -  One of the most comon hawks
 American Kestrel  -  The smallest of the Falcons

Getting the kids and animals to get in touch

This Python is not at all slippery.  As a matter of fact he has quite a smooth texture to his upper skin because it does not have scales like many other snakes. But large scales on his belly help him to crawl.
This Red Rat Snake is also quite friendly... and not to be mistaken as an enemy.  They are very useful to humans because they hunt down and eat rats and insects.
Touching is what this was all about.  Not just seeing.
A fun experience they can carry with them all their life.
Snakes are cold blooded... and pick up more and more energy when they warm up.  That's why you see them laying out in the sun
I just had to hold this one myself.  Notice his little tongue sticking out?  He's smelling... or actually tasting the air around my arm to help identify what was around him.
These little red rat snakes are as cute as the kids holding them.
Remember... if you see one of these... that they are normally friendly... but if they are shedding their skin, they can't see very well and may strike at anything that moves.  Best to leave them alone.
 This python was beautiful.  Notice how the natural camouflage on the side of his head runs right through his eye
Florida Panthers are quickly becoming extinct.  There are only a few places where they have enough room to roam.  Places like the Florida Panther Refuge offer some help... but it will be up to the general public to save these unique and beautiful creatures. 
You can find more information at

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